Mission, Vision and Values


Héroux-Devtek is constantly optimizing its precision manufacturing and design engineering capabilities to produce highly reliable products and related services for its customers in the global aerospace sector.

Héroux-Devtek encompasses an ever-growing world role in the aerospace marketplace, together with the achievement of an increasingly diverse revenue base. The globalization of the Company’s activities and widening of its client pool will proceed hand-in-hand with the Company’s capture of opportunities in its markets, its cultivation of a rewarding workplace that attracts the very finest professionals, and most especially by its emphasis on R&D and innovation.


Héroux-Devtek aims to grow as an industry leader by exceeding customer expectations through the dedication and commitment of its people.


Héroux-Devtek’s values are those of a company whose track record and longevity have long since made its name a byword for reliability, quality, and constant execution and delivery. These practical values are complemented by a corporate governance that ensures transparency and compliance, as well as by a culture in everyday work that explicitly encourages personal and professional growth.
Héroux-Devtek also believes in providing employees with a strong entrepreneurial culture that guides them toward a common goal: progress. Our culture is defined by four fundamental values, which we call the 4Rs.

  • RESPECT… in the quality of individual relations with customers, colleagues, suppliers and the company.
  • RESPONSIBILITY… for quality delivered to our customers, fairness in dealings with each other and continuous process improvements.
  • RECOGNITION… obtained for employee achievements, from colleagues, customers, and the company.
  • RESILIENCE… or the ability of employees to demonstrate flexibility, openness, and ingenuity with customers and among themselves, and tenacity in the joint pursuit of our customers’, employees’ and company’s successes.

Our entrepreneurial culture creates a workplace that is both enjoyable and stimulating for our employees which supports our growth in a highly competitive market.

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